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The company in 1977, set up metal processing plants, electroplating process in the metal surface, through expansion, restructuring, and reform legislation in 1997 (Wang Min) Cheong Metal Company Limited, additional product research, mold manufacturing, precision casting and other departments, increase product The self-rate, reducing communication to convey the missing, to meet customer needs. Our main business projects, all kinds of iron, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, plastic and other finished or semi-finished products for luggage, leather goods, art, shoes, radios, sewing machines, clothes, belts, sanitary , ... and other products or accessories. OEM model companies can adopt, the exclusive opening for our customers all kinds of mold, made from the R & D to product development, has been operating, has passed the NSF ISO 9001:2000 certification, enhancing the competitiveness of companies, in order to obtain maximum customer satisfaction in mind.

Introduction of new technologies, with CATIA CAST-Designer professional mold flow analysis in a variety of mold design and manufacturing, and providing adequate services to meet the needs of customers.

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